Got Dinosaurs?

If you’ve got a preschooler in your life, you’ve likely got a dinosaur lover, too!  And there are TONS of dinosaur preschool toys and books out there.  Over the years I’ve seen them all…  Since the variety can be overwhelming, here’s a short list of some of my favorite dinosaur toys, books and activities.

Felt Sets!

Of course I’ve got a dinosaur felt set!  The nice thing about soft, quiet felt is that it encourages soft, quiet dinosaur play 😉  You’ll still hear roars and stomping noises, but the gentler side of dinosaur play might show it’s lovely face as well.  And this set comes with a list of the best dinosaur books to buy or check out at your local library–and of course there are dinosaur rhymes and songs included as well.

We just couldn’t wait to give this to my niece! So she opened it early! It’s perfect and the quality is amazing! Will continue to buy again and again from this shop!


Dinosaur Books!

You know I’m a fan of all things book-related.  One of my favorite dinosaur books for ages 2 and up is Dinosaur Roar, by Paul and Henrietta Stickland.  This book has lovely illustrations, excellent rhyme and rhythm, and dinosaurs that appeal to all types of children.  Check it out!


Dinosaur Math

Feel like sneaking a little math in to your child’s play time?  These dinosaur counters build simple math skills like sorting, counting, color-naming and more!

Dinosaur cooperation…

Perhaps you have a few children who might need some practice working together…  Floor puzzles allow kids to have their own space, and work on their own part of a whole project–but they need each other to make the whole thing complete.  Here’s a great option for the dinosaur lovers in your life:

Dinosaurs in 3-D

The sandbox, sensory table, and bathtub or water table are perfect places for dinosaur play.  I like dinosaur figures that are sturdy but not too hard, so battles don’t become injuries!

Get started with your dino shopping!

Want Some Goodies?

Grab a free song and dance cube for preschooly fun right here!