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Why sing?  Because it’s fun!  Plus, singing builds a zillion important early learning skills.   From preschool classics like The Five Little Ducks to less known treasures like T-R-U-C-K, these felt board songs will get even the most wiggly kids engaged and singing along.

  • five felt elephants on desk with bird and string

    Five Elephants Storytime Set

  • Rainbow Stew felt board set with lyric card

    Rainbow Stew

  • circle time gnomes with lyrics

    Five Gnomes Storytime Set

  • Five felt unicorns on desk

    Five Unicorns Storytime Set

  • Felt Christmas tree and ornaments on desk with lyric car

    Christmas Ornaments Felt Board Set

  • five felt presents spread on desk

    Five Presents Felt Board Set

  • Five felt mermaids felt board set with numbers 1-5 and laminated crab and lyric card

    Five Mermaids Felt Board Set

  • Slippery Fish felt board circle time pieces

    Slippery Fish Song Set

  • Five Little ducks felt board set on desk with lyrics

    Five Little Ducks Felt Board Song

  • 5 Bears felt board circle time pieces

    Five in the Bed

  • felt kids and masks with lyrics on desk

    Five Kind Friends Storytime Set

  • felt board kitty set with letters numbers and yarn

    Kitty Cat Felt Board Multi-Use Set

  • felt dragons in rainbow colors

    Five Dragons Storytime Set

  • 5 Clean and Muddy pigs flannel board story time pieces with lyric card

    Five Clean and Muddy Pigs

  • Train felt board set with books peeking at corner

    Train Bingo Felt Song

  • Apple bingo flannel board story time pieces with lyric card

    Apple Bingo Felt Board Song

  • Felt Board Ghosts numbers and lyric card

    Halloween Ghosts Three-in-One Felt Board Set

  • Felt board story of wild animals, lyric card and numbers on gray background

    Five Wild Animals Felt Board Set

  • 5 Fat Turkeys felt board circle time pieces

    Five Little Turkeys

  • Dinosaur storytime set

    Dinosaur Story Time Set

  • Duck and truck bingo flannel board story time pieces with lyric card

    Truck Song and Game Set

  • Felt Board snowmen arranged on felt sled

    Five Snowmen (Riding on a Sled!)

  • Hey Diddle felt board set with lyric card

    Hey Diddle Diddle Felt Board Set

  • felt children with varied hair colors and abilities

    Inclusive Multicultural Felt Board Kids

  • Hickory Dickory Dock felt board set with lyric card

    Hickory Dickory Dock Felt Board Set

  • apple tree story set with lyrics

    Apple and Tree Felt Board Set

  • Little White duck felt board set on desk

    Little White Duck

  • Felt Board Halloween Big set with lyric card

    Halloween Fun Felt Board Set

  • 3 green frogs song felt set on desk with lyric card

    Three Green & Speckled Frogs

  • Farm felt board circle time pieces

    Old MacDonald Song Set

  • Ocean flannel board story time pieces

    Ocean Storytime Set

  • felt Christmas cuties on desk

    Christmas Fun Felt Board Set

  • 5 Snowmen fat felt board circle time pieces

    Five Little Snowmen Fat

  • Space felt board circle time pieces

    Space Storytime Set

  • Ramadan Storytime felt board pieces on desk

    Ramadan Storytime Set

  • Kwanzaa Felt Board with lyrics

    Kwanzaa Felt Board Set

  • Diwali Felt board pieces with lyric cards

    Diwali Felt Board Set

  • felt board transportation set

    Transportation Multi-Use Felt Board Set

  • Over in the Meadow felt board circle time pieces

    Over in the Meadow


A high quality product and quick shipment. I love Wendy’s YouTube videos that support many of the flannel board sets.


Very cute and will be useful in my preschool music classes! Thank you!


This is a cute and unique flannel set! I did not know the songs before purchasing so it has been a great time learning along with my class! Great quality!


Such a cute set! I love the song that goes with these snowmen and can’t wait to use them with my students. Each piece is very well made and they arrived super quickly!


So cute !! Well made . I’m a preschool teacher can’t wait to use this song.


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