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Quiet Sets for quiet times.

A perfect little quiet time activity, the adorable pieces are already assembled.

Perfect for making up stories and pretend play. Kids set up scenes and create their own little worlds.

You get bonus ideas and rhymes to extend the play.  

  • felt dinosaurs spread on felt play mat

    Dinosaur Land Quiet Set

  • ocean felt pieces spread out on felt play mat

    Under the Sea Quiet Set

  • Felt board space set on dark blue play mat

    Outer Space Quiet Set

  • Hanukkah felt set, play mat, and felt envelope

    Hanukkah Felt Board Play Activity

  • Christmas felt board activity for kids

    Christmas Felt Board Play Activity

  • Ramadan gift for kids felt play set on play mat

    Ramadan and Eid Quiet Set

  • felt construction set spread out on felt play mat with envelope

    Construction Friends Felt Quiet Set

  • Diwali Felt board pieces with lyric cards

    Diwali Felt Board Set

  • Fairy Felt Play pieces on felt play mat

    Fairy Fun Quiet Set

  • Kwanzaa Felt Board with lyrics

    Kwanzaa Felt Board Set

  • purple felt play mat with felt board princess set pieces spread out

    Princess Quiet Set


This set is so cute and I really enjoy using it as an activity at home and on the go with my little one. Thank you!



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