Spices and extracts can add lots of scented fun to your preschoolers’ day!  Adding a scent to normally unscented activities can be both stimulating and soothing for kids.  Certain smells can soothe anxiety or even make kids more attentive.  And these two ideas are simple to set up and fun to do, so let’s check them out!  (Keep in mind that some kids have allergies or are sensitive to certain smells.)

Scented Play Dough

As always, I like simple.  One of the easiest ways to add scent to your preschoolers’ day is to scent their play dough.  You can find the perfect recipe, and even a list of my favorite colors and scents right here!

As the kids squish and poke and roll, the dough warms up and the scents are released!  Depending on which scents you’ve added, you might want to add tools like small rolling pins, child-sized pots and pans and pie tins, tea cups and small spoons…

Scented Paint!

Kids rarely tire of painting.  Whether at the easel or a tabletop, painting is fun and relaxing.  And when they know there will be a surpising, delicious smell wafting around them as they paint, they’ll be even more likely to head in that direction.  And they’ll probably spend more time on each creation as well.  Look at the list of playdough scents, and get inspired!  All of those can be added to your paints.  But don’t stop there!  You can also add scented lotions, or the dregs of your shampoo and conditioner.  Did you buy too many coffee beans?  Grind them up and toss them into the paint!  With some of the scent additions, the texture and consistency of the paint will change.  Let the children help mix them up, and encourage them to observe the changes.  Now you’ve added a bit of science in to the mix–another win!

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