Preschool Train Activities for All!

I have a feeling you might have a train-loving kid or two on your hands…  If you do–or even if you don’t–the collection of preschool train activities, train books and train toys below is sure to have some winners that will get your kids playing, reading and singing all about trains!

Train Songs

Is there a day that goes by when your kids don’t want to sing a song?  And maybe you’re just a little tired of I’ve Been Working on the Railroad…  I mean, yes, someone IS in the kitchen with Dina.  But can we move on?

With that in mind, I came up with a new train song for you!  And yep–it DOES have a ton of early literacy and even early math benefits wrapped up in there!  You’re welcome. Just click on the cute picture to hear the cute song 🙂  And don’t forget to share it with your kids!

Painting with Trains.

Wait, what?!  Yes, you CAN paint with trains.  And combining vehicles with art materials is a great way to get kids who seem to be a little…oh, I don’t know…obsessed?…with trains involved in a wider variety of activities.

Set up is simple.  I like to use a paint pad to keep mess and waste to a minimum.  Either tape some folded papertowels to a small plate, or use a moistened sponge as your paint pad.  Then, add a dollop of paint (my preference is Colorations Activity Paint), put out some large paper, and get going!  Using large plastic trains like the Duplo set pictured makes for easy clean up, and less painty hands than you get using small wooden trains.  The kids will love driving their trains on the paper, chugging and chooing as they go.  Hello fine motor and hand-eye coordination…

A Train Story

If you don’t already have some of these lovelies in your home or classroom collection, I highly recommend a trip to the library, pronto!  These are some of my favorites that stand the test of train-loving time.  Click the picture to see all my train book recommendations.

So there you have it.  Preschool train songs, train books, train toys and preschool train activities that get your kids involved in a wide varitey of early learning.  Do you have a favorite among these ideas?  Comment below–I’d love to know!

Train Bingo Felt Song


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