Travel Toys for Kids

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  • Apple bingo flannel board story time pieces with lyric card

    Apple Bingo Felt Board Song

  • Christmas felt board activity for kids

    Christmas Felt Board Play Activity

  • Felt Christmas tree and ornaments on desk with lyric car

    Christmas Ornaments Felt Board Set

  • felt dinosaurs spread on felt play mat

    Dinosaur Land Quiet Set

  • Dinosaur storytime set

    Dinosaur Story Time Set

  • dress up bear with clothes and weather pieces spread on play mat

    Dress Up Bear Felt Board Play Set

  • Fairy Felt Play pieces on felt play mat

    Fairy Fun Quiet Set

  • felt bug toy DIY building set spread on felt play mat

    Felt Build a Bug DIY Set

  • five felt envelopes spread out

    Felt Envelope