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  • five felt elephants on desk with bird and string

    Five Elephants Storytime Set

  • circle time gnomes with lyrics

    Five Gnomes Storytime Set

  • Five felt board berries with a laminated fairy and lyric card.

    Five Juicy Berries Felt Board Set

  • felt kids and masks with lyrics on desk

    Five Kind Friends Storytime Set

  • Five felt board ladybugs lines up along the side of the lyric card and laminated aphid that come with this felt board set.

    Five Ladybugs Felt Board Set

  • Sale! Text that says Back to Basics 2-pack, above two felt board sets. Five little Ducks and Little Mouse felt board sets, and a Sale badge.

    Five Little Ducks + Little Mouse Felt Board 2-Pack

    Original price was: $61.00.Current price is: $58.00.
  • 5 Fat Turkeys felt board circle time pieces

    Five Little Turkeys

  • Five felt mermaids felt board set with numbers 1-5 and laminated crab and lyric card

    Five Mermaids Felt Board Set

  • five felt presents spread on desk

    Five Presents Felt Board Set