early literacy

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  • Apple bingo flannel board story time pieces with lyric card

    Apple Bingo Felt Board Song

  • Build a snowman felt board set assembled next to lyric card.

    Build a Snowman Felt Board

  • felt board cookies with 1-5 chocolate chips and lyric card

    CLP Cookies Felt Board Set

  • Dance felt board set

    DANCE Felt Board Set

  • Five colorful felt dinosaurs in red, yellow, green, blue and gray on gray background with lyric cards and laminated rhino.

    Dinosaur Stomp Felt Board Set

  • Five shells felt board set around a lyric card with a laminated cardstock nudibranch.

    Five Shells Felt Board Set

  • Heart bingo felt board set spread out with lyric card and laminated pieces for circle time game.

    HEART Bingo Felt Board Set

  • Five felt hot dogs felt board set with lyric card, laminated daschund and Pop and Bang.

    Hot Dog Felt Board Set

  • Maui sun felt board set

    Maui Sun Felt Board Story